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Our Family Tree    

Being interested in genealogy does not mean you will have the same quest as others. The fact that you are reading this probably means that you too feel you are losing touch with your roots and would not want to deprive your children of it.

There are several possible missions: some often research only their male line and attribute all the virtues and vices to this side, largely ignoring the matrilineal roots. Some will try to track all their ancestors equally, tracing four grandparents, eight great-grandparents and so on. Still others may want to find as many living relatives as possible.

There is nothing wrong with discovering your own mission as you progress.
My interest is in going as far as I can finding out as much as possible about what sort of people my ancestors were and the lives that they led by first listening to and consulting elder relatives.

And, I will add, the women are just as fascinating as our male ancestors. A perfect example is: when I was chatting with my Dad I found out that his maternal grandmother delivered him at home with her own bare hands! Wow, now that is something I would never have found documented anywhere.

The analogy of the family tree really works: if I start at the trunk and work my way through the branches, only exceptional luck will result in my ending up at a given leaf. I, of course, represent that leaf.
It would be much easier if I work my way from the leaf instead. If the branch is unbroken (the evidence still exists) I stand a better chance of reaching the trunk!

The purpose of publishing this tree is to share what I have gathered. And more importantly, to solicit you, the unbroken branch, before precious memories are lost forever and ever . .  .   .    .     .      .

I hope you enjoy your visit, do share with me your thoughts and ideas so as to make this tree an even more pleasurable journey down memory lane.

A very special loving thanks to my mom and dad for helping me plant the seed to this tree in mid 2002.
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Selvan Poothamby
Folsom, CA. US

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